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Cliffdale Primary School


Class Teacher: Molly Copeland

Welcome to Hippo Class one of the Lower School classes here at Cliffdale Primary Academy.

Autumn 2021

We have had a really exciting start to the new school year in Hippo Class. We are a class of 8 Year 1 children who have settled in really quickly and built up lots of new relationships in just a few weeks.

We have enjoyed lots of new and exciting activities including having a ‘party’ in assembly, making mud pies in the environmental area and making smoothies in the cookery room.

Our topic this term is ‘Messy Mixtures.’ We have started to learn about a range of materials through temperature such as hot and cold.

We are continuing to make good progress in communicating our needs and wants to familiar staff using a range of aids, including PECS, aided language boards and our voices.