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Cliffdale Primary School

Understanding Our World

Why we teach Understanding Our World

It enables our children to explore and investigate their learning environments. Enabling them to communicate, interact and talk about what they want to do, to feel they are valued and relates learning to themselves, their own lives and the real world.

At Cliffdale we want our children to know about differences and similarities around them and in the wider world. Through providing a range of opportunities for experimentation, to explain why some things occur and to talk about how and why things change, by learning to make observations.

We want our children to explore and understand places, initially in their own home and other familiar places nearby, this develops our children into noticing objects, patterns, sequences on journeys to and from home, such as the colour of a building, the number on a door.  

We want our children to be provided with opportunities and activities both indoors and outdoors to encourage their interest and curiosity.  Activities and play will be based on first-hand experiences that encourage exploration, problem solving, experimentation, prediction, observation, critical thinking, decision making, and discussion.


How we teach this

Understanding Our World encompasses Science, History, Geography and some elements of Computing

  • Our topics provide breath of learning, engagement and stimiuli
  • Forest and beach school where children can learn through observation, exploration, curiosity and cause and effect
  • Skills for life trips, PE trips, archery, horse riding, rock climbing, swimming, gymnastics, visiting the shops, park, farm and many more.
  • RE days & religious / royal family festivals
  • Friendship week
  • Children in Need
  • Planting own seeds / vegetables
  • Living eggs / live caterpillars
  • External visitors e.g. people who help us, PE coaches, therapy dogs and many more
  • Attention Autism is used to demonstrate concepts and ideas, inspiring awe and wonder
  • Curiosity Boxes are used to encourage exploration and engagement
  • Continuous Provision and Sensory play- through tuff trays to promote exploration, investigation and problem solving
  • Exploring artefacts – new, old, photos and objects
  • Stories and songs
  • Role play situations – puppets, dressing up
  • Assemblies

Impact – what difference does this make to the children?

  • Develop caring attitudes
  • Respect and value to all people
  • Promote self-esteem
  • Participation
  • Communication
  • Transferring skills
  • Investigating
  • Encouraging exquisite minds
  • Engagement in exploring
  • Opens up new opportunities
  • Builds confidence

How do we know this (evidence)?

This is evidenced through a number of ways

  • Photograph and video evidence
  • Earwig and learning journeys
  • Annual reviews
  • Newsletter articles
  • Termly reports
  • Parental comments
  • School Council/ pupil voice
  • Pupil comments page on annual review and annual reports